Saturday, January 6, 2007

New puppies from "Bachmat" english bulldog breeding

Recently there were born four excellent english bulldog puppies. They names are "Perełka", "Piękniś", "Misio" and "Panda". The first three of them have white-gold poil and "Panda" puppie is striped. Misio and Perełka have a big vat with white patch on the right side. The others have different white patch surfaces on their vat: Piękniś has a narrow white patch and Panda on her whole vat. All those puppies have massive paws and strong backbone.

Below are their pictures.

"Panda" (eng. Panda)

"Piękniś" (eng. Cutie)

"Misio" (eng. Teddy)

"Perełka" (eng. Pearlie)

The parents of those puppies are WICKI and IMPET.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

English Bulldog Charateristics

Temperament. The English Bulldog is affectionate, docile, reliable, gentle and a wonderful accompany for the children. He cares loyal for his family members and shields them from any possible threats.

Personality. All english bulldogs love their family accompany. Children love them also, because their gentle and sometimes stubborn nature. Their are undemanding, loyal and laid-back. It works ideal for the elderly. Their own personality will cause, that with a blink of an eye, their will known as new family members.

Body building. English Bulldog, pride of Great Britain, is a medium size dog with a smooth coat, low-swung body, wide shoulders, sturdy limbs and massive short-faced head.

Uniform color or with a black mask or muzzle; reds, red brindle, piebald.


The English Bulldog has a short, finely, smooth and close textured coat.

Learning Rate. Low; intelligent, but yet uncomplicated.

Care. Your bulldog always needs some exercises or regular brushing of his coat. Be aware not to over feed your english bulldog, cause their wouldn't prefer any exercises or go for a walk. Try to care bulldogs wrinkles with powder during hot weather.

Living Environment.
An English Bulldog does not do well in extreme weather conditions.

Life Span.

8 - 10 years

English Bulldog History

The English Bulldog Race originated in England between 1600 and 1700. The early ancestors of english bulldog were cross-breeding to support sports like dog and bull fighting. This so called sport, became quite popular until around 1835, when english laws prohibited it and the english bulldogs became more sweet and gentle.

Today's careful planned english bulldogs breeding, tries to reconstruct some early characteristics with temperament blocking.
Selective combinations in breeding techniques, can obtain in desired mental and physical traits like great athletic abilities, that can favorably influence future breeding in more healthy and good looking bulldogs.

English Bulldog Training

It is always good to know, how to train english bulldog (like those under our site: ) on expo or if you visit other kennel in abroad. Below are listed the most obvious commands, that will help you train your dog in four languages:

| english | german | dutch | czech | polish |

• Stay! Bleib! Blijf! / Blijven! Zustan! Zostań!
• Let go! Aus! Los! Pust! Puść!
• Attack! Fass! Stellen! Drz! Atakuj!
• Heel! Fuss! Plaats! K noze! Noga!
• Here! Come! Hier! Kom hier! Kem ne! Do mnie!
• Jump! Hopp! Spring! / Hoog! Hop! Skacz!
• Guard! Pas auf! Bewaken! Pozor! Uwaga!
• Shame! Pfui! Nee! / Foei! Fuj! Fe!
• Down! Liegen! Af! Lehni! Leż!
• Sit! Setz! Zit! / Halt! Sedni! Siad!
• Search! Such! Zoek! Stopa! Szukaj!
• Go ahead! Voraus! Vrij! Volno! Naprzód!
• Speak! Ruf! Luid! Stekej! Głos!
• Good! So ist brav! Braaf! / Goedzo! Hodny! Dobrze!
• Leave it! Lass es! Los! Nech to! Zostaw!
• Stand! Steh! Staan! Stuj! Stój!
• Retrieve! Bring! Apport! Aport! Aportuj!